Done With High-School?Excited About Getting Into The College Of Your Dreams?

Yes! College ,that time of your life between the strictures of adolescence and duties of adulthood ,probably the best time of your life.


“Basically,your time at college is like a preamble to the ‘BOOK OF LIFE’ , I’m sure your ‘BOOK OF LIFE’  is going to be a good-read and if it hasn’t been so far,I’m going to help you transform it into one.


You might have a list of goals set in your mind before getting into college,

For instance,

  • You’d like to graduate with awesome grades and get a mind-blowing job.
  • You probably want to earn a six figured salary.
  • You want to learn something and become an expert.


Welcome to College Tycoon:

The ultimate solution for becoming a WHPH student.For those, who are wondering what a WHPH student is?

This is how it goes,

Generally In Every College There Are 3 Species Of Students :


1.The WH(Work-Hard) Only student:


Work hard play hard college hacks how to be smart

The Work Hard Only Species.

This species is generally found in the college library , labs , extra-classes.The last time they saw the playground was probably from their classrooms windows.Their special attributes include:

  • Sycophantic nature towards teachers.
  • Highly unsocial.
  • Overly pragmatic
  • Good at studies.



2. The PH(Play-Hard) Only student:


College tycoon tips and tricks to improve college experience.

The Play Hard Only Species.

This species is generally found on the football ground,basketball court or the college canteen.The only time you’ll find them in classrooms is probably during the final examinations.Their special attributes include:

  • Bullying
  • Highly Social
  • Mostly Illogical
  • Good at Sports.


3. The WHPH  (Work Hard Play Hard)  Students(The Rare Species):



The Work Hard Play Hard Species .

This species is an extra-ordinary one,be it classrooms,be it basketball court ,they set standards wherever they go,this species is efficient,smart and definitely knows how to strike the perfect balance between academics and extra-curricular.Their attributes include:

  • Smart.
  • Efficient.
  • Calm and Composed.
  • Charming.


College Tycoon offers hacks and resources to transform you into a WHPH (WorkHardPlayHard) student.


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Tell Us About Yourself Dude?

Hey chaps,My name is Karan Tupe. I’m the founder of College Tycoon,a 2017 engineering graduate from Mumbai University and a Self-growth enthusiast.

The sole reason behind starting this website-blog is to help students become outstanding at whatever they are pursuing.

All these years ,our peers taught us What to Study? Where to study from?

It takes far more energy to improve from incompetence to mediocrity than to improve from first rate performance to excellence.

But,Nobody taught us how to study smart & save time?( I mean ,we haven’t landed on this planet just to drown ourselves in books,RIGHT!?)

Welcome to College Tycoon

That’s me , Hello!




I am an apprentice of Digital Marketing and one of the primary reasons behind launching this website was to dig more into the world of Inbound Marketing and learn about digital marketing in depth.

I hope you find this site helpful !Feel free to reach out at any time.


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